beReady Project


be READYis a preventative and protective compilation of programs addressing
the array of issues associated with sexual activity and intimate relationships



We focus on the 5 key areas which are in the acronym of the word READY

R - Respected
E - Equipped
A - Aware
D - Discerning
Y - Yourself

In a highly sexualised culture with distorted and inaccurate information and explicit sexual imagery often conveyed in the context of unrealistic relationships, our youth are constantly being misled and misinformed about how to establish a healthy relationship and manage their sexuality. They are subsequently ill-equipped to protect themselves both physically and emotionally.


The sole message of 'wearing a condom' as a cure-all for the negative outcomes associated with sexual activity is not only unrealistic and inadequate, but has statistically failed. Our youth need information, guidance and advice that will protect them. beREADY programs therefore encourage students to delay and reduce their sexual activity in order to safeguard their sexual health and has a strong focus on 'harm avoidance', rather than simply 'harm minimisation'.


be READY offers programs with innovative and engaging content, practical and vital information, the best and most effective delivery methods, and activities designed and compiled from extensive research locally and overseas.


be READY facilitators include teachers, youth workers, counsellors and nurses who are specifically trained and accredited in sexual health related subjects. They are both passionate and committed to their service to youth in addressing this important aspect of their lives.


The students love the programs.
At last for them, the subject is presented in a private, personal and unintimidating manner, by approachable, caring professionals who are of no acquaintance to them.

be READY was developed from over 10 years experience in sex and relationship education in schools, and many more years of involvement in services supporting girls and women with unplanned pregnancies. It abounds with real life, true stories that the students can relate to.




be READY has been developed as a service delivery of Genesis Pregnancy Support Inc.