beReady Project

Program Contents




Program 1 : Year 6

As a Whole Class: students discuss their origin from conception, in particular the unique differences they possess that make them so special, due to the formation and function of DNA. Through the ‘Different to Same’ activity students are made aware of how they can be influenced to lose their individuality and self-determination in order to fit in, while power-point slides of copycat groups further illustrate this loss.


In Separate Groups: in the comfort of same sex groups, students are informed about the reproductive system and process, including 3D models to effectively illustrate the position of the internal organs in the body. Physical and emotional changes associated with puberty are discussed interactively, addressing any questions and concerns. The ‘Key Goals’ activity has students consider their future hopes and dreams and how their sexual behaviour choices may affect those goals. The responsibilities and risks of sexual relationships are illustrated in a balloon game and the ‘RITE of Passage’ wristband celebrates their upcoming transition into adulthood.

Program 2 : Year 7

As a Whole Class: students consider how their view of themselves affects the treatment they accept in relationships. The ‘Matchless Me’ worksheet emphasises their individuality and worth as well as discovering unique abilities and attributes genetically inherited. The meaning of sexuality is explained and words of value relating to relationships are explored and later defined in the separate groups.


In Separate Groups: an interactive power-point presentation educates students about the various dangerous peer pressures they may encounter. Associated feelings are discussed along with practical strategies for risk avoidance as students consider the qualities of true friendship. Sexual pressures from the media and their own hormones are also addressed. Students explore the uniqueness of human sexuality as compared to animals with the ‘What Makes Us So Special’ activity and role play. A ‘Sex Drive’ exercise along with clarification of Unsafe vs Safer vs Safe sex alerts students to the risks associated with sexual activity and the ‘Fireplace’ activity illustrates the value of boundaries in relationships.




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