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Sex education at Primary school level can be a delicate matter. Preparing children for their upcoming teen years not only involves providing practical information about issues associated with sexual development and activity, but also, importantly, information about relationships.

At this stage in their development, in order to protect their health and well being, children should be guided, with factual rationale, to delay intimate sexual activity until adulthood and encouraged in the practise of the safest possible sexual health. This is the objective of:



The Primary School component of the beREADY
Youth Empowering Education Programs.


Protecting Heart & Health

The disclosure of ‘age appropriate’ information is a prime consideration with young children in regards to sex education, and for this reason beGINNINGS is divided into separate and distinct programs for year 6 and 7. Both programs tactfully and meaningfully address the benefits of wise sexual health choices and warn of the consequences of risk taking behaviour.


beGINNINGS is designed in two parts:


Program 1 : Year 6


  • Uniqueness, Staying Special
  • Overview of reproduction/3D models
  • Puberty changes and challenges
  • Life & relationship goals/obstacles
  • Acknowledging child to adult transition


  • Self esteem enables self determination
  • Change is normal, healthy & manageable
  • Sexual activity impacts hearts & lives
  • Sexual intercourse is an adult behaviour


  • Development of self worth & personal values
  • Awareness of physical/emotional development
  • Consideration of life & relationship goals
  • Recognition of risks to goal achievement
  • Delay of sexual intimacy debut


Program 2 : Year 7


  • Personal uniqueness
  • Considering relationship facets
  • Recognising and dealing with pressures: peer/media/ hormones
  • Uniqueness of human sexuality
  • Value of safeguards & boundaries


  • Self esteem enables self determination
  • Knowledge influences choices
  • Pressure exists and needs to be managed
  • Boundaries provide safety


  • Development of self worth & personal values
  • Recognition & resistance of pressure
  • Expanded concept of relationship values
  • Awareness of risks associated with sexual activity
  • Delay of sexual intimacy debut





Developing Self control and Discernment

  • Each program is of 90 mins duration: 30mins is presented to the whole class, followed by 60mins with two groups of separate sexes.
  • Two facilitators are provided per session and two classrooms are required for the separate groups.
  • Each group requires a laptop and a projector.  



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