beReady Project









This is our foundational program and provides a solid and broad basis on which to then introduce
specific related subject areas, as covered by the selection of other beREADY programs.




Level 1 [Yr 8]

  • Analysing sexual messages and pressures of society and media
  • Exploring sources of information about sex, their influence and accuracy
  • Examining physical and emotional stages of relationships and addressing risk factors
  • Discussing and developing strategies to protect both heart and health
  • Encouraging self-worth and exploring healthy personal boundaries
  • Emphasising the importance of discernment and self-control


As a whole class: students watch a short DVD of teens commenting on the highly sexualised society in which they live.
A timeline activity is used to demonstrate to students the importance of making wise choices during these years in order to avoid adversely affecting the rest of their lives.

In small groups: students discuss the DVD, participate in a ‘self-control’ game and interactively complete a worksheet about discerning trustworthy sources of information. A ‘Relationship Ladders’ activity allows students to analyse the various stages of a relationship and identify strategies for avoiding risk. A heart puzzle and gift box activity reinforces their self-worth and encourages personal goal setting for their future physical and emotional well being.