beReady Project












Level 2 [Yr 9]

  • Considering the implications of a sexual relationship
  • Discussing peer pressure, relationship expectations, consequences, sources
  • of support, risk avoidance and healthy boundaries.
  • Evaluating character qualities and their importance
  • Discerning between different attractions and feelings and their impact on relationships
  • Determining relationship standards and expectations
  • Emphasising the importance of discernment and self-control

As a whole class: students participate in a powerpoint comic book story about two teens who experience a pregnancy scare becoming sexually active in their relationship.

In small groups: students consider thought provoking question cards that encourage discussion and consideration of issues associated with sexual activity including how they might feel and react to the situation described in the comic book story. The different qualities of a healthy relationship are bid on by students in a ‘What’s It Worth’ auction game and the implications of the attractions of Lust, Infatuation, Like and Love are evaluated in the ‘What’s That Feeling’ activity. ‘The Right One’ beaded keyring person is created by students with various coloured beads representing the qualities that are most valuable to them in the person they think is worth waiting for.