beReady Project












Level 3 [Yr 10]

  • Addressing outcomes of sexual activity
  • Exploring relationship expectations and emotional harm
  • Discerning risk factors, their impact and avoidance strategies
  • Considering the definition of a healthy vs unhealthy relationship
  • Investigating safe sex, unplanned pregnancy, and STIs
  • Emphasising the importance of discernment and self-control

As a whole class: students watch a DVD production about a two teenage girls who are considering becoming sexually active. One decides not to, the other has sex and experiences an unplanned pregnancy. Although condom usage is an obvious oversight, the film reveals that risks associated with sexual activity are more than just 'clinical'.



In small groups: students discuss in detail various aspects of the film including sexual and peer pressure, insecurity, embarrassment, rejection, disconnection and self-worth. They also consider a healthy relationship in the context of mutual respect, absence of pressure and strong qualities of friendship. A ’Risk Sheet’ is used to explore feelings and safeguards in relation to unplanned pregnancy, STIs and emotional harm, allowing students to define their own personal values and how to maintain them. A ‘lolly’ exercise illustrates the randomness of casual sex when it comes to consequences.