beReady Project











Level 4 [Yr 11]

  • Defining values and relationship aspirations
  • Considering the physical stages of relationships
  • Exploring choices, decisions and outcomes
  • Encouraging personal goals and strategies for success
  • Discussing the definition and value of true love
  • Emphasising the importance of discernment and self-contro

As a whole class: students participate in the ‘Bachelorette’ game and consider the qualities that they would like to have in their future husband or wife. The game highlights the impact that their decisions and actions can have on their future and how they might be viewed by the one they want to impress.



In small groups: Students discuss their own relationship experiences so far and how they view various choices and behaviours. A true story about a young couple who experienced an unplanned pregnancy early in their relationship, proceeded with the pregnancy and were later married is shared and discussed with the group. Using interactive playing cards, students explore how they would like their own life stories to progress. A ‘Dream Destination’ worksheet is used to assist students to define their key goals/dreams/ambitions and to consider the planning, compromises and sacrifice that will be needed to achieve them. The ‘True Love’ board game reinforces that good decision making, discernment and self-control will help to get them to their destination of a healthy and fulfilling relationship.